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Google Wear OS vs Apple watchOS



  • Device Type Target
    Smartwatches, Other Wearables Smartwatch
  • Platforms
    32-bit ARM, MIPS, x86 32-bit ARM architecture ARMv7-A
  • Interface
    Touchscreen, depends on manufacturer Touchscreen, “Digital Crown” Dial


  • Programming Language Used / Written In
    C (core), C++, Java C, C++, Objective-C, Swift
  • OS Family
    Android iOS
  • Kernel Type
    Monolithic (modified Linux kernel) Unix-like
  • Source Model
    Open source, with closed source components Closed (with open-source components)
  • License Type
    Apache License 2.0 Linux kernel patches under GNU GPL v2 Proprietary software, except for open-source components
  • Update Method

OS Features

  • Fitness and Health Monitoring
    Yes, via Google Fit Yes, via Apple Health
  • App Store
    Google Play Apple App Store
  • App Store Link
  • App Extension
  • Multi Tasking
    Yes Yes
  • App Development Language
    Java, C++ Swift, Objective C


  • Touch
    Yes Yes
  • Watchface
    Customizable Customizable
  • Voice Command
    Google Voice Yes
  • Personal Assistant
    Google Assistant Apple Siri
  • Smartphone Compatibility
    Android 4.3+ and iOS 9+ iOS 9+
  • Smartphone Companion App
    Android Wear App Apple Watch App
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