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Tizen OS for Wearable

Tizen OS for Wearable
Brand: Samsung
Category: Wearable OS
  • Latest Version: Tizen OS 3.0
  • App Store: Yes, Tizen Store
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Android, iOS and Tizen OS Phones
  • Voice Control/ Personal Assistant: Yes, Samsung S Voice
  • Multi Tasking: Yes
  • Based on: Original Tizen OS

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    Tizen OS for Wearable - Specifications


    • Developer
      Samsung, Linux Foundation, Tizen Association and Intel
    • First Launch
      January 5, 2012 (For Smartphone), September 1, 2015 (With Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2)
    • Initial Version
      Tizen OS 1.0 Larkspur (April 30, 2012)
    • Latest Stable Version
      Tizen OS 3.0
    • First Device
      Samsung Gear 2 (First Tizen OS Smartwatch)
    • Working State
    • Latest Flagship Device
      Samsung Gear S3 (As of Smartwatch)


    • Device Type Target
      Smartwatches, Smartphones, Wearable Devices
    • Platforms
      ARM and x86
    • Interface
      Touch, Rotating Bezel, Buttons


    • Programming Language Used / Written In
      HTML5, C, C++
    • OS Family
      Tizen OS (Unix-like, Linux Kernel)
    • Kernel Type
      Monolithic kernel
    • Source Model
      Open source
    • License Type
      GPLv2, LGPL, Apache License, BSD, Flora License
    • Update Method

    OS Features

    • Fitness and Health Monitoring
      Yes, via Samsung S Health
    • App Store
      Tizen Store
    • App Store Link
    • App Extension
      TPK (For Native), WGT (For Web App)
    • Multi Tasking
    • App Development Language
      C/C++, HTML5


    • Touch
    • Watchface
    • Voice Command
    • Personal Assistant
      Samsung S Voice
    • Smartphone Compatibility
      Android, iOS
    • Smartphone Companion App
      Samsung Gear App
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