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Tizen OS for Wearable

Tizen OS for Wearable
Brand: Samsung
Category: Wearable OS
  • Latest Version: Tizen OS 3.0
  • App Store: Yes, Tizen Store
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Android, iOS and Tizen OS Phones
  • Voice Control/ Personal Assistant: Yes, Samsung S Voice
  • Multi Tasking: Yes
  • Based on: Original Tizen OS



Developer Samsung, Linux Foundation, Tizen Association and Intel
First Launch January 5, 2012 (For Smartphone), September 1, 2015 (With Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2)
Initial Version Tizen OS 1.0 Larkspur (April 30, 2012)
Latest Stable Version Tizen OS 3.0
First Device Samsung Gear 2 (First Tizen OS Smartwatch)
Working State Current
Latest Flagship Device Samsung Gear S3 (As of Smartwatch)


Device Type Target Smartwatches, Smartphones, Wearable Devices
Platforms ARM and x86
Interface Touch, Rotating Bezel, Buttons


Programming Language Used / Written In HTML5, C, C++
OS Family Tizen OS (Unix-like, Linux Kernel)
Kernel Type Monolithic kernel
Source Model Open source
License Type GPLv2, LGPL, Apache License, BSD, Flora License
Update Method OTA

OS Features

Fitness and Health Monitoring Yes, via Samsung S Health
App Store Tizen Store
App Store Link tizenstore.com
App Extension TPK (For Native), WGT (For Web App)
Multi Tasking Yes
App Development Language C/C++, HTML5


Touch Yes
Watchface Customizable
Voice Command Yes
Personal Assistant Samsung S Voice
Smartphone Compatibility Android, iOS
Smartphone Companion App Samsung Gear App